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Take a look through some the pointing and k-render in Bexley Heath services which we can offer and get an understanding of how skilled we are.

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This is the method of renewing the pointing throughout the exterior of the home. Over time mortar can decay through constantly facing the weather and changes in temperature. If the pointing in your home was to decay you could see a drop in temperature within your home, as heat is able to leak through and the problem of damp build ups throughout your home.

Not only is getting your home repointed important for the structural integrity of your home and keeping the interior nice and warm, it is also important from an aesthetic point of view. Having our experts repoint your home can help bring a bit of life back to the exterior of your home.

Hertitage Property Restoration

Using our key eye for detail and vast knowledge, we are able to help bring heritage properties back to their former glory. Using skills and methods which are period appropriate, we can provide a restoration in Dulwich solution to your home to match how it would have been. Get in touch with our professionals and we will research which repair method would best fit your home.

Repair & Listed Building Specialists

With our deep understanding of buildings and building techniques through the years, we are able to help repair your property back to its form glory. We use only the best and most test methods to ensure that your property is look great for years to come. We can work from either local buildings which are similar or from any old photos you have of your property, to help recreate aspects which may have been lost in recent years.

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Not only are we exterior expert but we also have the skills to complete plaster interiors, no matter the size of property. Having our professionals highly trained in plastering means we are able to help create a base within your homes for painting and decorating to be undertaken. By doing this you are also helping to prevent water from seeping through as brickwork absorbs water,  plaster acts as a layer of protection from damp build up.

This is a special type of render. This is made up of cement, as is normal with render, but it also incorporates a silicone based water repellent. This means that K Rend acts as an extra layer of protection from water which means your render will last longer than normal render, helping to save you from potential future bills.

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We are a team of dedicated professionals who supply Kent & London with incredible repointing and restoration services.

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